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Extremely Rare Chupicuaro Bowls

Reference number: 123

250 BC - 200 AD

These are possibly the rarest Pre-Columbian bowls you've ever seen. They came out in 1968 when Lake Chupicuaro was drying up and new sites were being discovered. They were with a group of about 30 different, but regular Chupicuaro bowls. We bought the entire group. Both Dr. Gordon Eckholm and Dr. Junius Byrd, of the Museum of Natural History, New York City, examined them and agreed they could think of no other logical origin. Dr. Eckholm thought there might be some American Indian influence, from the North possibly a reverse migration.
We put them away, awaiting either others to appear, or some information regarding them to be found. Neither happened. They are being offered for the first time, as a lot, not to be separated. As far as we know, there are no others like them, and we have looked as best we could for almost the last 50 years. They are all mint, as found, and measure between
5-1/8" to 5-3/8" in height, 5-3/8" to
5-7/8" in width.
Price is $15,000 for all 3 bowls.


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Extremely Rare Chupicuaro Bowls
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