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Nayarit produced the coarsest, most colorful sculptures of the West Coast shaft tomb complexes, and the most artistically powerful. The most known sculptures are ruggedly made human figures. Both sexes are severe in appearance, very heavily adorned and painted for both decoration and to represent clothing.

Many pieces are called Ixlan del Rio style, but come from the entire Northern area of Nayarit. Unlike Jalisco and Colima, there are no generally accepted groups of largely differentiated styles, with the exception of one major one - Chinesca.

There are 4 or 5 quite distinctive styles labelled Chinesca - for a seemingly somewhat oriental appearance. Hasso Von Winning has divided them into alphabetical groupings, based on body styles, colorings and sizes.

All of these are among the most sought after West Coast figures, commanding a premium over most regular Nayarit figures.

6844 - Nayarit Birthing Figure

Nayarit Birthing Figure

6689 - Nayarit Seated Pair

Nayarit Seated Pair

6293 - Nayarit Guardian

Nayarit Guardian

6372 - Nayarit Standing Female Figure

Nayarit Standing Female Figure